FRP Bypass APK Download For Android, Bypass FRP Lock

What is FRP Bypass APK?

FRP bypass APK is an app with you can bypass the factory reset protection on any Android.  factory reset protection is a new feature provided by Google with the religious of Android lollipop 5.0. This feature helps you to protect your Private data when your phone is lost or stolen. It is a new security measure by Google for protecting their user’s data. When you set up a Google account on your device FRP is automatically activated. But if you have lost your Google account credentials then FRP may become a trouble for you.

How To bypass FRP

It is also useful for many other uses those are issues to forget their Google or any other account credentials after hard resetting their devices or other FRP issues. This means FRP is active. So you will have to log in with your Google account credentials to unlock and use your phone.

Requirements to Bypass FRP

  1. Data cable of USB.
  2. Laptop or PC.
  3. Hotspot of any other devices or Wi-Fi.
  4. Activated sim card. Activated sim card.

Bypass FRP on Android Smartphone using OTG

How to use FRP Bypass with Google account?

Here is the best and easy method to use FRP Bypass step by step.

  • First you will go to the official website of FRP Bypass tool APK.
  • Then download the FRP Bypass tool apk on PC and transfer the apk file to USB OTG pen drive.
  • Then power on your device and follow the first face of the step.
  • Then setup process unit you are asked to provide a Google account credentials.
  • Then connect to your USB drive to your mobile with the cable of OTG.
  • Then tap on the downloaded FRP bypass APK To install it.
  • Then you have a message should pop up starting that unknown sources options are not enabled.
  • Then click on the settings to enable the unknown sources option.
  • Then click on open and you will be taken to the settings.
  • Then go to backup and reset.
  • Then click on the factory reset or wipe all data.

Then your device will be reset and should reboot. On this time setup process don’t ask to enter the Google account details.

All of the bypass methods are based on FRP Bypass file using FRP APK file provided by an anonymous Android developer. It is indeed one of the goods and best FRP bypass apps that have worked and helped thousands of users to unlock their Android devices.

After downloading this app your phone will be decrypted easily and quickly. If you are getting problems in bypass FRP lock with this app. If you have Android Marshmallow 6.0 or above version on your phone not able to bypass FRP lock with the app then try to downgrade your phone. After downgrading Android version you can use guides.

An Alternative Method To Bypass FRP lock

Alternative method bypass where you can check out other methods on another website when you particular methods don’t work for you then you can try other methods to bypass FRP lock. With this procedure you can easily bypass the factory reset protection on your Android device. It is the simple and best way to do FRP bypass with an FRP bypass tool. We will hope that you followed the instructions carefully.

Details of FRP Bypass Application

When you want to factory reset but you want to access your phone you are supposed to enter your Gmail in the process. In case you forgot your Gmail and password. You need to don’t worry since there is an FRP bypass method which you can use to bypass FRP lock completely. It is most important to learn to FRP bypass application Before downloading it.

Bypass Your Factory Reset Protection

When you forget your password or username you can solve this problem with simple steps.

  • First go to the settings on your device.
  • Then go to the developer options.
  • If developer options are locked then click on “Build Number” click 7 times so that the developer options are unlocked.
  • Then long press the power button to reboot your device.
  • Then you may find a page with “Add an account” when you will add your Google account.

Disable FRP From Your Device

It is very easy to enable or disable the fro. Sometimes if your phone gets locked due to FRP due to this you may get irritation when you can disable the FRP feature.

Here are the best easy step for disabling FRP features.

  • First you need to go in settings.
  • Then you need to remove your Google account.
  • Then click on the Google account.
  • Then click on remove account option so that you are FRP features would be disabled.

This FRP bypass problem you should not set your mobile until 24 hours when your Google account with changing the password.

By Passing  Samsung Google Account Verification without  OTG

  •  Go to the official website and download.
  • Then install side sync apk on your laptop or PC.
  • Then launch side sync.
  • Then connect your phone with USB cable.
  • Then you would get popups on the screen.
  • Then click on the Chrome to download the Samsung bypass verification APK.
  • Then enter the following into the URL bar (
  • Then you download APK file and click back to open the Samsung Samsung apps.
  • Then it will ask you to install the side sync on your device but instead, search for ES File Explorer and install it.
  • After installing the ES file Explorer launch the app.
  • Then Browser the downloaded folder to run the remove Google account app installer to install it on your device.
  • Then the next screen you would get the settings menu option.
  • Then scroll down and find the backup and reset option.
  • Tlick on the factory data to reset and reset device option.
  • Then finally unlocked your device successfully.


These features are more usable for every Android. Google and Samsung keeping their best efforts for the purpose of security on phone. Android developers are working on improving the Android app to make it more sure to protect user data and reduce credit on security issues and safety.

Any FRP unlock method available to the public to bypass Google account APK.

We think you have learned all about FRP and how it works and also know can bypass it using the FRP bypass APK and also know about the requirements. For bypass your Android, you can easily to download FRP bypass latest APK and follow above steps to reset your device by bypassing Google security. That the end of this detailed guide you are successfully access back to your Android device.